Our Family Heritage

Here is a photo taken in about 1910 when Carl Zeissig and Uncle Otto Liipfert visited the United States.  Otto and William J. returned the visit at Lunzenau, the Liipfert family home in Saxony, in about 1912.  Zeissig was a school teacher in Dresden with whom Eugene Liipfert (my father) (born Winston Salem, North Carolina 1919) corresponded while in high school.

Standing, left to right:

Back row:
Rosa A. Liipfert
Gertrude Liipfert, daughter of Betty and William (Married Landon Hill)
Cora Hamlin Liipfert, wife of Frank J. Liipfert, mother of Theo and Francis
Thomas O. Pepper, son of Georgianna L. and Thomas R. Pepper; later married Mallie Davis
Betty Liipfert, wife of William J. Liipfert and later a Mr. Walker, mother of Gertrude, Bailey and William Jr.
William J. Liipfert, Jr. (b. 1891), later married and lived in Georgia
Theo Liipfert, daughter of Cora and Frank J. Liipfert; later married Dr. Horton and married a Jack Taliaferro
Georgianna Liipfert Pepper b. 1864) , wife of Thomas R. Pepper (a tobacco buyer in Winston Salem, NC), mother of Raymond (1890 - 1892),
            Mary Louise (b. 1892), Blanche E. (b. 1894), Thomas O. (b. 1895) and Francis D. (b. 1898)

Next row:

Bailey Liipfert, son of Betty and William J. Liipfert, married Mary Thomas
Francis J. Liipfert, son of Frank J. Liipfert

Next row:

Otto E. Liipfert (November 3, 1870 -),  cashier in Winston Salem, NC (married Carrie Transou)
Frank Julius Liipfert (July 25, 1866 - ), married Cora Hamlen Liipfert on November 13, 1888, father of Theo (b. 1891) and Francis (b. 1897)
Karl Zeissig (a professor in Dresden) ,nephew of Franz Julius
Otto Liipfert Germany, brother of Franz Julius LiipfertWilliam J. Liipfert, Sr. (1860- ), married  Betty Bailey on January 14, 1890, father of Gertrude (b. 1893), Bailey (b. 1898) and William, Jr (b. 1891); 
      director of sales department of manufacturer in Winston Salem, NC
Thomas R. Pepper, Sr., husband of Georgianna Liipfert, father of Mary Louise, Blanche, Thomas O. and Francis D.

Front row:

Blanche Elizabeth Pepper daughter of Georgi & Thomas R. Pepper, (Mrs. LouisTaylor)
Mary Louise Pepper, daughter of Georgi & Thomas R. Pepper, married Dr. John A. McClung
Francis D. Pepper, son of Georgi & Thomas R. Pepper, later married Frances Byrd Smith

Mising from the photo:

Another brother of Otto, William, Fanny, Georgia, Frank,  and Rosa, Charles (b. December 6, 1874), who was an agent in the tobacco industry and lived in Los Angeles and was a bachelor.

Aunt Fannie Liipfert Sizemore  (b. Juluy 28, 1861)-- married Henry L. Sizemore (November 27, 1879)(a merchant in Clarksville) and lived at Clarksville.  Mother of

  • Edwin Sizemore (1880 - 1881)

  • Harvey Sizemore (1881 - 1906)

  • Frank Sizemore (b. 1883)

  • Henderson (1896-1901)

  • Mary E. (b.1890)

  • Henry Sizemore (?b. 1892)

  • Otto L, Sizemore (b. February 28, 1901)

  • Rosa Sizemore Fitzgerald (b.1894)

  • Mary L. Sizemore Williams (b.1890) 

  • Lucinda Sizemore Edwards (b. 1896) and

  • Mattie (1896- 1901).

For a Family Tree from 1982, External link opens in new tab or windowclick here.

For a Family Tree from 2003, click here.  This was done by Klaus Lüpfert in Berlin.  There are some minor nits.

But what is clear, is that the common ancestor of the people born Liipferts in the United States all descend from a common ancestor, External link opens in new tab or windowFranz Julius Lüpfert (1834-1895), who came to the US on the Johanna Elise, landing in New York on May 21, 1853, or his brother.  Franz Julius had four sons and three daughters.  The sons were William Joseph Liipfert (1860-1911), Frank Julius Liipfert ((1866-1927), Otto Liipfert (1870-1933), and Charles Liipfert (1874-1943).