Liipferts in Hong Kong

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Pam and I lived in Hong Kong from 1996 until 2001, when I worked for Amoco and then BP.

Jocelyn moved back to Hong Kong in 2008 after she graduated from college, and began working in social media.  After a brief detour to London, she has been in Hong Kong ever since.  She married her husband, Paul, in 2014.  The wedding celebration was in Ubud, on Bali in Indonesia.  External link opens in new tab or windowWedding pictures.  She started her social media strategy business, External link opens in new tab or windowLIIPSTIIK.  Paul is a partner in Constant Creative, a full-service brand consultancy.

Todd moved to Hong Kong in 2012 after graduating from Georgetown.  He is now the Senior Development Director at The Executive Centre, a provider of premium serviced office space.