Born October 29, 1834; died Clarksville, Virginia, July 25, 1895.  He was an apprentice when his father died and became a carpenter in Penig.  He took 105 Taler of his inheritance  and moved to America.  Married Mary Elizabeth Gillilaud.  Was a cabinet maker.  He had six children: Wilhelm Julius Liipfert (January 10, 1860 -  ); Fannie (b. July 28, 1861); Georgie (b. January 9, 1864); Frank Julius Liipfert (b. July 25, 1866); Otto E. Liipfert (b. November 3, 1870); and Charles H. Liipfert (b. December 6, 1874).

Two articles on the life and times of Franz Julius Liipfert, one courtesy of Klaus Liipfert in Berlin and titled "External link opens in new tab or windowA Lunzenaur in Virginia," and the other a External link opens in new tab or windownewspaper article about a German cabinet maker.